Saturday, March 19, 2011

creating all the time

Consciousness creates all the time. 
They say: We are children of a creator

I picture a stream like a fountain spouting forth. 
The stream can't stop, it keeps moving, the water emerges. 
The only choice I have where I direct this stream....
If I direct it to fear, then I create more of what I fear. 
if I direct it to positive, I create positive.... 

I read this recently: 

Whenever the feeling comes over you
that you have no choices
I urge you to call a halt to everything.
This is a trick you play on yourself
to avoid having to assume 
the responsibility and therefore the joy
of life
Wow!!! That is tough stuff. 
And YES! it makes sense. 
I can see how I DO avoid the joy of life. 
In telling myself I  am powerless.
In giving myself 1001 reasons why I can't do something.
In making myself small and helpless (so that I have no choice against a BIG POWEFUL other)
and so it goes on and on.... 


The same guy goes on to say

Envision instead, what it is your truly want.
Test it. Be careful of this, my friends, 
because if you envision something quite casually 
and do it with conviction,
even though you may not be sure you want it,
it will manifest.
This is neither magic nor false hope. 
It is the reality of the power
of your creative impulse.
This is why it is so important to develop
self-awareness to the depth of your ability
so that no creation can come about in your life
without your having made the choice. 

You have designed your life yourself.
You have created nothing in your outer reality
that is a stranger to you.
The inestimable joy of human manifestation
is to see around you
in what seem to be outer circumstances
what you truly believe as a soul.

Look at your physical manifestation as a symbol
and view your body as an extension o your soul,
to spoken word of your being.

Your life is not your master,
It is your child     from: Emmanuel's book.
I've suspected as much. 
For some, like myself, who take pride in how harsh they are with themselves, this could give more fodder for self recrimination.
But in the end that is just avoidance. Guilt and self-recrimination does not create anything positive.

I know all that, but that didn't stop me...(much):
"Oh my gawwwwd you mean, I'm responsible for the mess of my life arrrgaaaggggg NOoooooooooooooooo!!!" 
Not like that, don't take the writing like that.
It's more like a toddler learning to walk. She falls. She gets up, takes some nice steps, falls. Does she sit and beat herself up about falling ? Well I guess she could, but being a toddler, she's a lot smarter than a grown up, so she has a cry (or not) and gets up and does it all again... until one day she can walk....
and.... run
and.... dance
and.... "_____________:-)"
The challenge is to face the joy, the reality of life. 
I never realized that reality and joy were linked to responsibility. 

In my childhood brain I associated fun and joy with freedom from responsibility and constraints. 
Looks like it does not work that way.... 


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