Sunday, August 09, 2009

Aikido - a simple code VS 1000's of rules....

Another example: 
I just bought a book chapter on "Macau" from the Lonely Planet Guide Book: I like the paragraph below, because it is so commonsense: pages and pages of legal stuff put into a few lines:
  •  (c) Lonely Planet Publications. To make it easier for you to use, access to this chapter is not digitally restricted. In return, we think it's fair to ask you to use it for personal, no commercial purposes only. In other words, please don't upload this chapter to a peer to peer site, mass email it to everyone you know, or resell it. See the terms and conditions on our site for a longer way of saying the above. - "do the right thing with our content."
- From the Lonely Planet digital chapter on Macau (you can buy just a book chapter, and don't have to pay for the whole book in paper format)
- I appreciate simplicity like that. Digital rights and encryption never deters the determined people, and annoys and frustrates the average user.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

you create your reality... really ?

"Your create your own reality"

I hear this a lot these days and it did not really make sense until I thought about it a bit deeper.

On the surface it sounds silly: Ok let me think about being wildly successful and rich, - kapow... I wave my 'you create your own reality' wand and there I am, a famous author, speaking around the world, writing books, giving workshops etc.... .

Well not quite. Because deep down I don't believe that kind of scenario. It simply does not feel right, does not 'gell' for me. Similarly all those 'think rich and you'll be rich' things, they might be right for others, but they don't resonate with me, deep deep down I feel I'm just faking it.

But then when I took it a few levels deeper it seemed to make more sense.
When I look back on my life I find that I somehow seem to end up in the same - or similar - situations. I don't mean to do it deliberately, but it kind of just turns out that way.

In my case I tend to be the 'outsider' the 'maverick' the 'clever-and-knowledgeable-dude-who-is-treated-unjustly'.

After a bit more introspection and soul searching I realized, that on some deep level I felt more at home in that role. I felt this was my place, the place I belonged, where I would naturally gravitate towards.
In other words: my Core Being was calling out and magnetically aligning the iron filings of my life to cast me into the role i was most comfortable in.

At that level, I can accept that i DO create my life situation (lessons).
It also shows me just how powerful the Core of me Being really is.

But that deep Core Being inside me, I cannot simply change it at a whim. It is strong, deep, heavy, and powerful.
My momentary, mental whim is but a small aspect of the core. It would be like trying to change the path of the Earth by jumping up and down.

So how do i change it ?
Just by trying ? - well yea, that's a good start, but not enough.
Then I remembered all the books I'd read, the long conversations I'd had about 'inner work'.
Ok now I get it.
To change my Core Being I need to work at the level of the Core Being.
The Core Being is ME, is the CORE of ME.
The only way I can see to change that, to change myself, is to grow, to evolve, to transform, to take the next steps from within the Core Being and move forward.

This is very much how a seed grows. You can't change the acorn seed into an Oak tree by force of will or decision, you let it unfold its own inner Core Being, its very essence and nature.
And then you get an Oak Tree.

This is a slow, long process.

I've not made any great changes yet.
But it is a lifetime's work.... step by step by step, by step, by ste..., be st...., by s....., by ......, .b......, ....... ;


Schoolroom of University of life - an Engineer's perspective

"Life is a schoolroom, it is a place to learn lessons."
I hear this a lot.
It's a good analogy.

"Ok, Mr University teacher, what would it mean ?"

Well it would mean that the lessons are going to have to pitched at the 'right' level for the students.
If my students could do all the lessons perfectly and they never stumbled, then the lessons are too easy.

If my students hardly got any of my lessons right, the course would be too hard.


But there is gem hidden in all this isn't there ?


Students would have to get some lessons right, and some lessons they would have to redo, and try at a number of times.
That would be a good school and a good course.
Which means: that when I look down on myself, and others, for NOT getting their life into perfect order it is actually a silly thing to do.

The school of life is designed so that we will stumble and fall sometimes. It is in the nature of a 'school', in the nature of all learning.

That is the gem isn't it ? I don't have to be down on myself for not getting a perfect life together, because I have a real life in the University of life.

And it means: what I have called 'failure' in my life, is simply: a lesson, something to learn and do better in a new way next time... hmm... I like that perspective.
It is like saying ' do this one again, you didn't get the right answer here'.
It is a gentle, strong gentle way to see it.

"Yes, it IS a good way to look at it :-) ".

In Engineering the best energy transfer for heat is when half the heat is lost and half is passed on. So it is with the lessons, it may not be 'half' but there is a balance for the right number of lessons.

Everyone gets the right difficulty served up.
Every lesson CAN be passed.
Every lesson can be passed at the lowest, middle, highest level.

what if life were "perfect" ?

Cycling to Westgarth the other night:
What if all my life was indeed "perfect" ?

If I had no problems, no fears, no pains, nothing unpleasant.
How would I react ?

I think I might feel internal stuff come up inside me and melt me down from within. I would look for internal problems and they would bubble up.

Sometimes it feels as though the life energy bubbles up from within, and if it has nothing to 'chew' on, nothing to 'wrestle' with, it makes up stuff, anything. A little like the theory of allergies that says the immune system turns on itself because it does not have enough real world stuff to fight.
If that is true, it would mean that if I don't direct my creative flow into positive directions, it will flow anyway, but the direction would not be positive.
Hmm.... .
Since we are all born to a purpose, that purpose will bubble out of my core... and I would be well off to direct it in the best way I can...

All people and creatures are born to a purpose - just flow with life, and you will achieve that which you were born to do. Have faith, for faith is 'the KEY in the doorway of tomorrow'.
Chiron, John of Aesce - 'Wounded Healer, July 2009'.