Thursday, August 06, 2009

what if life were "perfect" ?

Cycling to Westgarth the other night:
What if all my life was indeed "perfect" ?

If I had no problems, no fears, no pains, nothing unpleasant.
How would I react ?

I think I might feel internal stuff come up inside me and melt me down from within. I would look for internal problems and they would bubble up.

Sometimes it feels as though the life energy bubbles up from within, and if it has nothing to 'chew' on, nothing to 'wrestle' with, it makes up stuff, anything. A little like the theory of allergies that says the immune system turns on itself because it does not have enough real world stuff to fight.
If that is true, it would mean that if I don't direct my creative flow into positive directions, it will flow anyway, but the direction would not be positive.
Hmm.... .
Since we are all born to a purpose, that purpose will bubble out of my core... and I would be well off to direct it in the best way I can...

All people and creatures are born to a purpose - just flow with life, and you will achieve that which you were born to do. Have faith, for faith is 'the KEY in the doorway of tomorrow'.
Chiron, John of Aesce - 'Wounded Healer, July 2009'.

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