Thursday, July 07, 2011

giving up bits of my true self

graciously bowing 

is not the same 

as giving up bits of my true self 

I give up my dreams, my true selves, 

and I wait for thanks that never comes. 


CHOOSE: love or anger ? 

in all honesty: I never deserved thanks, 
I was running from myself. 
It looked like - I sacrificed for another, 
but really: I was afraid to BE who I AM. 

CHOOSE: love or anger ?  

I hoped the love and thanks of others would be enough. 
that it would be easier to gain than....
than.... the love and acceptance I can give myself. 

CHOOSE: love or anger ?  

I am back at the beginning: true to self ? or fear of self ? 
A smile. 
It is ok.