Friday, October 28, 2011

qualified to smile and be kind ?

...there is a more recent belief that like specialists in electronics, law, food, making coffee, .... 
we need to be qualified to be help another human i.e. to just care... 

I read a book from the US of A last week, in which the lady told people, "hey I'm not a therapist, I can't help you with your decisions...." 
I thought, (from the situation she described) all the person wanted was human caring, a friendly smile, a caring word, sure a super dooper qualified shrink might be useful, but all they wanted was a kind word. 
Anyone can do that. 

Saigon 2011, balloon seller

I experience that kind of commonsense caring in the materially "poor" places, Myanmar, Laos, but not so much in Singapore and Australia, and rich places. 
I find myself getting grumpy and aggro like everyone else in those places, and I find myself kinder and more smiling in those other places, 

but what I find most strange: this idea that I need to be a qualified 'expert' to help someone. 
It hit me particularly on this visit back to Oz-stralia. 

Note to self: smile, take the risk, smile at people, who cares if they think I'm a ........