Thursday, October 08, 2009

so many ways of "seeing" Tea leaves, Tarot Cards & doorways

Tea leaves, chicken entrails, dice, patterns in the sand, crystal balls, Tarot cards, patterns in the hand or eyes or face, whatever... have all been used to look deeper below the surface of life.
Some have used these means to try and divine the future with more or less success, others simply sought to see deeper below the surface.
Question: “Given these many different methods can there be anything true in them ? Would it not be more reasonable to expect there to be ONE method ?”
Yes, it seems confusing that there are so many different ways people have used to ‘see' deeper below the surface of life.
However all these methods basically serve one purpose, which is to enable the seer to access other levels within themselves. The physical methods are simply the vehicle that a particular seer finds useful in accessing that doorway within themselves. For some the crystal ball works, for others the Tarot cards and so forth. Yet each of them ultimately enters the depths of intuitive knowledge within themselves, which is linked to the pool of intuitive being of humanity.
The method is different and varied, but the destination is the same.
Yet the results are different. Two different seers will usually say different things.
Three people going to the same party, will describe it in three different ways. You might recognize it as the same party but each account will be coloured by the person giving it.
The same applies in the area of ‘seeing'.
This is because different people have different personalities and different abilities. The information a seer can bring through to this level of reality depends on her:
  • intent
  • ability
  • experience
  • particular strengths and weaknesses
  • connection with you, the one asking
and many other factors we don't even know about yet.
In addition the seer needs to use their skill in transferring and interpreting information. This is a little similar to how we all ‘know what we want to say but need to search for the right words'. In a similar way the seer searches for what ‘feels right' and intuits the information to then put it into words. And like all human activity nothing is perfect, though it can be very good at times J .
How do I know if a seer is trustworthy ?
The important thing to look for in a seer is YOUR own gut level instinct. Do you trust the basic intention of the seer ? Is the seer generally interested in the “greater good”, or is he more interested in glory, fame and being ‘right' or impressing you ? Does the seer use her talents primarily for the good of all or for personal gain ? And lastly, do you trust and feel ‘ok' about the seer ? If you do not then there is little point in listening to what they have to say.
Hint: anyone telling you how often they ‘got it right' is probably trying to impress you and win your sympathy.

Please remember: As in anything in life, there is the real and the fake.
In the end it is YOUR gut feeling that matters more than anything else. You are responsible for your actions and decisions, no matter what anyone else tells you, in the end YOU are the one who has to deal with the consequences of what YOU do or do not do.
No need to be afraid, use your commonsense and gut feeling.
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Monday, October 05, 2009

The butterfly effect.... (from Chaos theory) every damn little thing is important

Just read a story about how a word of kindness at the right time made a child change his mind about leaving life.
It got me thinking  how in life every moment, every tiny thing, is really just as important as any other, - without that tiny thing, the other things would not happen, the big things would not happen.

How a small child is treated by a teacher one day at school and that treatment in the mix of all things can determine the path of nations.

It does not mean I don't aim for different "small things"
Choice and aim and purpose still exist, and yet every tiny little thing, however insiginficant seeming makes a difference and is part of the story of life. And yet: we are not responsible for all things... all I can do is the best according to the light within me.

There is not really any big or small or important or unimportant... those are all human things...things that humans add.

The butterfly effect.... (from Chaos theory)

But lest we are overwhelmed: all things work out perfectly in the end. There is that mysterious trust....

Friday, October 02, 2009

Warrior - Castaneda Quotes and links

My favourite Castaneda quotes and links

When one has nothing to lose, one becomes courageous. We are timid only when there is something we can still cling to.
      A warrior doesn't seek anything for his solace, nor can he possibly leave anything to chance. A warrior actually affects the outcome of events by the force of his awareness and his unbending intent .

 Nice site with audio readings and quotes.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Power - its limits - it's seductive illusions

Power: the strength to get what I want.
To do what I WANT
I see and I judge: "yes, I can do this. I can FORCE this "
Yet always and ever, there is something and someone stronger.
for every power which ever existed and will exist
there is a greater,
there is a stronger power.
I may be clever and strong in mind and have power in the University where I work, yet that is nothing, if I am taken to the rice fields or to dig ditches. There the power I have at the University is - nothing.

So power is a gift.
it is not a part of ME,
it is not ME.
it is a gift.
It is given me where I am now.
It can be taken away.
Life is short.
The body is fragile

And like alcohol, can make me drunk
it makes me believe I am invincible.
I'm not.
A small microbe,
a bullet,
an accident
my body
all have their own power

use it wisely use it well.

Power: man's best friend, and worst enemy

inspired by the scene Kushiel's Justice where Imriel challengesBerlik, the 
Maghuinn Dhomm. Imriel's skills may be powerful in his own world, but against the power of Berlik he is like a child. Berlik warns him..."you don't want to do that" and Imriel is given a small glimpse of the true nature of the power he has thought of challenging. 1Oct09