Sunday, October 03, 2010

conversations in the pre-incarnation laboratory

Kobe2007, Japan, from the 'hills'.

"you remember the last time ? I had to get you out myself."
"This time will be different, I'll remember."
"Take it in small chunks. Don't let yourself lose house, wife, kids and money  at all the same time."
"But I really want to get this done and learn about starting again, totally from scratch."
"You can learn that, but do it in steps. Look it's like this: if you want to grow muscles, do you do a 24 hour work out or do you work out 24 hours over 24 days ?"
"Hm… I get your point."
"Let's say you lose the house, you learn how to recover from it, you get back on your feet. Then you lose the wife, she divorces you. You learn to recover from that. You build up strength and resources, and you find your balance again. When your sons die in a car accident you will need ALL your accumulated strength of recovery."
"Makes sense, but I'm still keen to really test myself."
"Do that, but be kind to yourself. 

Serapian won't pass this plan anyway."

"What did Serapian say ?"
"He surprised me."
"Yea, that'd be right."
"He said it's my choice. If I do my original plan, where I lose everything it will be a soul lesson."
"Huh? What do you mean ?"
"A lesson in how to set lessons for myself. He said that it would show me deep things inside myself, very quickly. But that I can do the same thing more slowly, kind of like you suggested. But he'll support me with the Incarnation Approval Committee either way."
"I'm not going to haul you out again, you will have to ask someone else to be on standby. Sorry. I can't, not after last time. Bringing you back in bits and pieces and putting you back together like a jigsaw puzzle was horrible. No thanks."
"But I'll 'make' it this time."
"Probably, but I have to look at the worst case. Can I cope with that? No, I can't, not again."
"Take it as a lesson ?"
"No, that's not the next thing for me, sorry. I'm slow and methodical, I'm still on the 'moving out of my comfort zone' theme."
"Don't even suggest it."
"Ok, ok." :-)
Overheard in the life-time planning lab. 

NB: Incarnation = spirit takes on physical substance, a body. Usually means: being born.