Friday, September 25, 2009

The Gyro Principle: The indirect way, the non obvious way, Gyroscopes as illustrations of metaphysical principles.

 The key of a Gyroscope (or Gyro) is the translations it does in 3 dimensional space:  from a rotation in the y axis to a rotation in the z axis – as long as there is a spinning mass in the x axis. …. (all axes are at right angles to each other) 

This gives rise to some Metaphysics:
There must be (somewhere, somehow) a device that allows for translations between the dimensions and which ties together various  dimensions just as the Gyro in its own way ties together 3 dimensions – in fact a Gyro even establishes them, because it’s actions and principle can ONLY exist in 3Dimensions.

The process of growth – seed to mature tree/plant/human/animal uses such a process (i.e. one that goes between dimensions.)
This ties in with Chakras – where the rotating wheels bridge the gap between the dimensions and give rise to the seed and start its growth.
As the living body/organism grows the Chakras become more specialized, smaller, and more numerous.
In a similar way in which a flower diminishes and gives way to the fruit but still leaves evidence of its past flowering so chakras and persist and sustain the living organism.

So seeds (plant, animal, human, crystal etc…) are the sparks that give the first point of contact for the energy vortices from one dimension to grab hold of the physical dimension we live in.
Seeds provide the first landing pad, the hole in the hourglass through which the etheric energies enter the physical and cause the physical to grow into the likeness of the parent. The vortex of spinning energy provides the conduit, and translates the energy from the dimension pre-physical form into physical form  - and this is akin to the way a physical Gyro translates roation in the y axis into rotation of the Z axis.
I’m talking here about mechanism in which the energy is transformed, and translated between dimension, or planes (or axes).
The energy  itself, life energy whatever you want to call it is the actual power behind it all.

Speculation: Life repeats its patterns in other levels and dimensions:
could these ideas be extended  to the growth of social constructions  such as organizations ?

The key idea: energy moves in circles, even between dimensions, and provides a doorway for these motions for growth…etc…

The next level of metaphysics is this: 
Whenever i want something from life I tend to go the direct way.
But the direct way does not often work or not for long.
I want security so I do the obvious: I get arms and protection, and I feel more insecure and it never stops.
I want to get rich so I work like buggery and I feel hassled, time poor and never enough.
A person to desperate to have friends turns everyone off.
Trying too hard to go to sleep keeps you awake etc....

Thus: The direct approach rarely works (for me).
How about the indirect approach ?
I think the sayings of the wise, capture some of the idea of the indirect approach.

As you give to others you give to self.
Lose your life to gain it (Jesus, Luke33:17 ???)
The first will be last, the last will be first.
And there are many many more in all the different wisdom traditions that all essentially have the same idea: the direct obvious way is not the actual way, it is the right angle, indirect way that works

And this is what on a physical  level the Gyro does, it translates one motion into another at 90 degrees, at right angles, not in straight line, not in the obvious way.

So it seems to me some kind of similar principle works on the higher levels as well.
I'm not saying this as a simplistic principles. Life is complex.
There are times when I have to go for things and seize the day (Carpe diem) but there are also many times when I found the direct way does not work, and this helps me understand it a bit more.
         I still wonder how the Gyro principle works out in real life, how does it all fit in ? I don't know yet.

NOTE: keep in mind that straight motion is actually very rare in nature: the planets move in circles, the Galaxies do, the atomic particles do, the atoms in a molecule moves in circular paths...
everything moves as a wheels within wheels... in some kind of circular orbit.

On the metaphysical levels the seasons have cycles, life has cycles, growth and decay moves in cylcles and so and so on....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grateful ? Content ? Ambition ?

They say that you don't know what you've got till you lost it.

Usually I WANT things, because then I will be HAPPY and content.
"If I only had this much money, or could travel to Egypt, Europe, wherever like XXX can"
"If only I had promotion level YYY".
"Once I get....... "

Let meplay a game with myself, in my mind.
Imagine I've been injured, and crippled, I have lost an arm, or a leg, or an eye, - or perhaps I was born that way.
I would wish to just be 'normal' that would be my constant life long wish.
I would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO incredibly happy if I had a normal body.

Well Haiko, guess what ? you DO have a normal body.
Are you grateful ?
Are you content ?

Or Imagine I was shit poor, working like a dog in the heat all day just to live and eat.
It would be soooooooooooooo nice to have enough money and be able to sit in an office and work in cool comfort.
I'd be happy and content then.

Well Haiko, guess what ? you DO have a job that pays you to research whatever you are interested in and you get to sit in an office and have money to spend.
Are you grateful ?
Are you content ?

Or imagine that you were really old and had to do everything slowly and carefully. You will remember having a young working body.
You will wish you still had it.

Well Haiko, guess what ? you DO have a young (well sort of) body, you are still able to do whatever you like and walk around and get stuff done.... .
Are you grateful ?
Are you content ?

Getting old happens naturally. It does not  take any trauma or accident - we all get old (unless we die early).


Sunday, September 20, 2009

ordering myself around.... who is the real ME ?

I wondered at myself: what do *I* really want ? I am constantly trying to fit myself into a box,
a box to achieve this,
a box to achieve that,
a box to go to be to this, do that...
what do *i* really want ?

There is an executive authority inside myself, (as there is in society and all of organizations – the smaller reflects the greater and vice versa) that gives me orders and tries to make me walk a path but what does the real Haiko want ?

Today I'm off to do this n that  with her and himetc... , I need to do Mandala, I need to do Chi gong exercises, I need to run through this long list of stuff to do and I keep on adding to the list.
What do *i* really want ?

It is not an either OR, thing, it is a both AND thing.
It is possible to do the list AND to know who I am ...

Sometimes I get a look at myself, as though I was watching myself from the outside, in much the same way as I see other people. Then it comes to me:

“hey you are making this guy stay inside the house and type on a computer all day and rush around for deadlines. How long do you think someone is going to put up with that ?”

and ‘this guy’ of course is me.

Getting this perspective is good, it makes me see myself.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

been here before - de ja vue ? come I love the messy shops, the lively raucaus restaurants, the worn outness of buildings, narrow winding streets so much ? - I've just arrived in Macau, 29Aug09 at 22:30 
If I was ever  going to talk about having lived in a place in another lifetime, and I had to pick a place, this would be one of them for sure.
I feel at home here straight after arriving at  10:30pm via Kuala Lumpur and an 11 hour stopover. 
I surprise myself with the confidence with which I lounge in the corner of  a restaurant, order stuff, get served by guys without shirts wearing old shorts, because its clean-up and close-up time but the white gringo wanted some of the last bits of food in the trays before they got cleaned  away.

There is another city that affected me like this as well: I mean the impression of having lived there before, a kind of deja vue. The place is Tangier, it also has lots  of narrow winding  streets, hot climate, but is very different.
      Thinnking about this a bit, I've found that it is not the logic of philosophical arguments that convince people of a philosopy, but how well those philosophies describe the feelings within them.
      In my case: I would never ever in a million years have given any consideration to the idea of other lifetimes, - but because  of various  experiences such as these (visiting places I feel I'm sure I've been to before)  make me consider it.
      Why consider it ? simply  because it is the currently best explanation I can come up with for myself, it covers my PERSONAL experiences in the best way and it explains it in a way I like. I notice the addition of the word  'like'. Because there are hundreds of other logical alternative explanations to any experience. 
          Thus it seems to me that it is not logic that decides the type of explanation we choose but our 'liking' - even if it is carefully hidden from ourselves,---- by logic.
         I could explain it all in social theories, evolution, chemistry, and other ways that to ME make it all so tawdry and boring and dull and make me feel like an impersonal blob.
     I *prefer* the idea that I'm in a schoolroom, in the University of life.
     In this I am following my 'hero'and mentor in metaphysics
George MacDonald (1824-1905) who said something akin to: √§nything is believabble which is morally believable and enobling"  :-) .

More on travel in Macau here.


'dance me to the children who are asking to be born....'  - Leonard Cohen

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