Friday, March 18, 2011

intent - Self Love - and the art of body maintenance

Respect yourself.
Have you heard people say that ? 
Love yourself. 
Yea, nice idea. 
But how ? 
I get this image of repeating some "I love myself" mantra, it feels stupid and fake and I throw it all out the window. 
Yea I know 'self respect, self love' is a good idea, but ..... ????? How ? what's it REALLY mean ? 

Well I found something that answers that --- for me at least  :-)
 Bear with me, its a little story.....

Vientiane 2000
Sitting in the park doing Chi Gong a lady wanders around and gets closer to where I am sitting practicing. (12Mar2011)
She seems to have no real purpose other than to wander and watch and poke her nose around.
I feel uncomfortable, I wish she would go away. 
She's too close, she's too nosy.
I say nothing to her, I don't look at her, but I wish she would "Go away".
I notice how I automatically give out the vibes of "move, go, get out" - even to myself it feels like a force field, some kind of magnetic repelling field.
She wanders off.

That was intent.

It  felt like I had some kind of magnetic and mysterious power.
(Yea yea yea, I know the skeptics will say she would have wandered off anyway, - they can have their universe, I'll have mine :-)     )
I remember Carlos Castaneda talking about intent, it is the key to warrior's life.
He speaks about 'intent' as the most powerful force in the universe.
Intent directs the warrior's life. It directs everyone's life but they don't know how to use it focused and consistently.  Most people use it erratically and get erratic results. Interesting, something to try and check out.... an experiment to do in the University of life.
Castaneda says not to worry about the HOW, simply to  throw out the intent for something.
I do that by holding a picture in my mind.
His students asked Castaneda "HOW?" 
"You intend by intending !"

I wonder, how much do I intent things in my life that I'm not consciously 'intending' to do.

Hm.... a new Chi Gong exercise comes to me mind now, something to teach in my Chi Gong classes
Pretend you have magical powers....
Proviso: Of course: negative things and selfish things rebound on your 10 times more.

Self love. 
Yea. You were going to talk about that
What about it? 
This morning, I felt it. 
Uhu, so ? 
It felt like that intent to make the lady go away. Instead of 'go away' I felt positive liking, care, 'love'. 
It was no words, it was a feeling. 
It was an 'ambience' a sense of 'something' around me, an 'intent' of positivity, likiing towards myself. 
(doesn't happen that much, so it surprised me)
So that is how it works.... 
Just took 51 years to work it out. 

Now to practice it assiduously.... (see if I can last longer than 11 minutes)

- Carlos Castaneda talks about unbending intent in his books.
- Core intent guides a person's life. Whatever they put in there, it takes it and creates it.

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