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The nation of Haiko = PART 2 FROM love melts - "should" rebells - the core of self

Laos 2000
In the last post    love melts - "should" rebells - the core of self   I wrote about how  "should" and "ought" often carry this "or else...." threat of force. There is NO choice. Actually there is no respect. The Core BEing of a person does not like that. 
It sets up a war. 
Especially if the "should" is an order from the outside, a social expection like "you should be wildly successful and look tall trim and terrific" 
"Should lose some weight..." (or whatever it is for you). 
"you should love love football like all your brothers,.... "  etc... etc...lots of examples... 

The reason for the war within is that the Core BEing of a person has its own life. 
Have you ever tried to make yourself like something you don't like ? 
Did it work ? 
Really ? 
If yes, great, you are lucky. 
For me it does not work. The more I try to force myself to like something I don't like the less I like it. 
It came as a real surprise to me. 
I realized that I am not just a mind, a set of mental beliefs, there was something else that was ME deep inside that was not definable in words, but he really KNEW what he wanted.
Sure I can force myself to do what my mind thinks I ought to, have the career that society says I should. etc... blah blah... but there is a price to pay.  

I think of it similar to how a country and its government works. 
The Government, is my conscious mind. The people are the rest of me. 
Sometimes I behave like a dictator, I force the people to bow to my will. 
Sometimes there is a strike by the people - I get sick, ill and can't seem to function, can't get my act together. 
Or I can make myself do whatever I am supposed to but deep down I dislike it and it takes a HUGE amount of energy. Govt forces have to whip the people into getting the work done. Not a pleasant atmosphere in the country of Haiko.  

I like the analogy of thinking of  myself as country, a people, a government. How do I govern myself ? 
Am I some kind of dictator, who rigidly controls everything ? 
Is there a secret rebellion in the land ? 
Rebel forces in the psyche ? 
Conflicting desires ?
Of course, there is always some discontent in any nation.
Is the country of  "Haiko" a true democracy, does the Government express the will of all the people, honestly and without self serving trickery ? 
Does my government listen to the people ? work for the good of all ? or only for the good of a few ?  Which few ? the ones who like certain types of stimulation perhaps ? erhumm.... ?!
How do I govern myself ?  
In that sense, coming into harmony with myself is indeed a way of harmonizing the world. Perhaps all those monks and nuns do have a point, working in their own way  to bring about harmony and peace.  

Myself as a country,  - it's a useful picture, I like it. 

Right now, there is a bit of pain in my right side, just below the ribs in the Nation of Haiko. The government of Haiko is taxing that part of the country too heavily, the farmer's feel screwed and used. 
The whole Nation of Haiko is suffering a bit of an economic downer because the Government keeps the lights on too long, spends too much and won't get enough time for rest and recovery. "produce, produce !!!" is the order from above.... 

There is an ancient principle that sums up this way to thinking: The larger is a reflection of the smaller - or - the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm - or - as above so below. 
The society I live in, is the collective expression of every living person in it.  

My life is the expression of my deep inner beliefs and reality... looking back at me and staring me in the face. 

Does my government repress the voices of dissent ? Send in the troops and gun down the rebels ? Does the government of Haiko sit down and negotiate ? Hold free and fair and honest elections and allow the elections of a party that the current government does not like ? 
(That's called: being willing to change)

All those things are easy to see when they are played out on the grand scale of a nation, and you see the effects in the news, on TV and Video blogs. 
Popular uprisings to depose a dictator. 
Rigged elections to prevent genuine change...

Where does the nation of Haiko fall in all this ? Are there rebel forces ? Is there a large popular groundswell of discontent or are the people happy and able to get on with their lives  in peace ? 

This post builds on the earlier one:

Next blog on "free choice" 
why is is neccesary for the core to have free choice ? After all if I know the BEST way there is no choice, I HAVE To take it don't I ? Don't I ? I mean its the best right ? so what choice  is there ? I gotta do it. 
all other ways are worse. 
It's about respect, and more than that too.  

And what if there is something you just HAVE to do (stay in Job you can't leave) ? 
Your core dislikes it
You can't make yourself like what you genuinely don't what to do ??? 
next blog....  I hope..... :-) 
Laos 2000

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