Monday, February 22, 2010

two types of committees, - two types of bureaucracies...

Type 1) 
"You need this approval  to teach your students ? "
"yes, they have to program the computers themselves."
"Ok we can set that up. We've restricted them a bit but you should be able to do the work."

This type of committee gets stuff done. 
They exist to make stuff happen. The rules are simple and clear, transparent and commonsense." 
The focus is on getting stuff done: whatever the committee is for, they want to get it done and out there and into the community. 
If it's sport, then they get sport out there, 
if it's an awareness campaign they get the message out.. 
if it's a new public transport ticket system, they get that out there.... 

The photo above: is it for type 1 or 2 committee ? 
A: neither. It simply shows clear simple instructions. 
The fine is not so hight it cannot be implemented.
It's clear, no doubts, no if's no but's.

Type 2)
This type does not need much explanation.
"Oh...Uhm.... not sure, we can allow that. Please fill out this form in triplicate, attach copies of your great grandfathers' wife's family tree and get the following 500 point police check. Then take your paperwork to the department ABC, they will give you instructions." 

"Sorry, wrong department, you need to get a Y type stamp from Department ABC, then if you fall into category  Q, or R you need to go to another deparment". 

This kind of committee exists to perpetuate itself. It love the power and it loves making people bow and scrape before their authority before graciously and magnanimously granting the request (for a parking space outside your own house). 

Fortunately: all committees fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

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