Wednesday, February 03, 2010

bottle happiness - we try have 'it' without paying full price

Something nice happens, 
I take great risks to have it, to get it. 
the path to get it really tests me. 

I get it. ! I'm happy. 

For a while. Then I want to safeguard it and make it last FOREVER and EVER.
I ask for promises and rules. 
I put it in a concrete safe with 5 keys. 
I put armed guards around, 
I check on it every few hours. 
Yep it's still safe.

Now I OWN it, no one can EVER take that happy-ness from me. 
It is MINE, all MINE. 

I open the concrete safe, use my 5 keys.
it has gone. 
how could it have gone ?? what killed it ? 

I know what killed  it.

I go out again,
I wander the world, 
Then I meet it !
It is free, it is there, it was always free, 

It was always mine. 
It comes with me, and walks me 
and the darkness lifts from my soul.

I don't use the concrete safe and the 5 keys.
I let go the armed guards. 
I leave it free, 

And I have no rules,
no guarantees,
but I have 'it' 

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