Monday, March 01, 2010

nameless fear - the boogey man is alive and well hidden....

there is a thing,
it is nameless and shapeless
and cannot be seen

It has no smell and not colour
and yet it exists.
It has not mouth,
no words
no sound it makes
and yet everyone listens to it.

what is it ?

Let me give you a clue:

I have a report to write, don't interrupt me. It's GOT to be finished by close of
biz today....

I've GOT  to get to this meeting on time ....

I've GOT to get that house and investment purchase....

I've GOT to make Mary think I'm......

If s/he leaves me I'll be.....   I have to do everything to prevent prevent that, no price is too high to prevent that... I'll bend myself double and turn myself inside out to prevent that... arggahhha.............

All those things above have one thing in common: FEAR. 
Nameless fear. A fear that I'll do ANYTHING (well almost) to stop it happening. 

It works like this: Some scenario pops into one's head:
"if he/she leave me then.... "
"if I don't get the promotion then.... "
the effect of what will happen is not put into clear words  but the feeling and the unspoken implication is that I can't cope, it would be the end of world for me.
It remains a nameless horror.
And that is where it's strength is, in being nameless.
Because as long as it is nameless it is HUGE and all engulfing and all Encompassing. I'll feel like (not that I will) pay ANY price to prevent it.
AT this point it is still not articulated. It is still nameless.

but as soon as I put that horror into words it sounds ridiculous and silly.
Then the conscious mind steps in and says:
"What I was afraid of THAT ? ha ha ha !"

But in reality it was the FEELING that is the active component.
putting it into words helps to get a grip.
But behind the words was a feeling.
If I do not deal with the feeling as a feeling then the cloud of fear will simply attach itself to something else.
Then I can again put it into words and again gain a degree of control.
But the nameless fear still lurks.

I find it best to deal with that fear cloud, the feeling of fear and anxiety on the level of FEELING. There are ways to do this, e.g. Chi Gong, energy transformation exercises.

"the secret of life is to have no fear" - Nkwame Nkruma

So I find that FEELING is the active core behind words and mind.

The same thing applies to other emotions such as discontent, which masquerades as a search for  happiness.
If I only have THIS, or THAT I'll be happy.
I get both THIS and THAT and I'm still not happy...
Welcome to the quest of life... :-)


ooooo i LIKE this one. really excellent point. move things into the conscious, and they lose their hidden power.

interesting point, now i think about it - move anything into the conscious, and it loses its magic. wonder if that's why religious fanatics hate science?

METAPHYSICAL MUSER: yes, good point, move anything into the conscious and it loses it's magic.
it gives the illusion of control, and it does give some measure of control, i.e. fear loses it's power, but in the end consciousness itself is not the answer either. It is both the conscious and the feeling together. Consciousness  can see and understand, but to effect change it needs feelings as well.

--------------- below: earlier drafts ------------------------------------
You ask me if I'm afraid ? 
I'm not afraid ! 
I really am not. 
What is there to be afraid of ? 

But when I'm really honest I see that when I type a report, and I feel I absolutely HAVE to get it finished or else.... 
what is the "or else" all about ? 

When I'm late for a meeting, I rush and hurry. I don't want to be late or else... so I rush and run and puff and pant and push people out of the way and feel impatient with everything and everyone...
another  "or else"....

I worry about not having enough money when I'm old and infirm. 
Better to have enough money or else.... 

Damn these constant interruptions, I gotta get this report typed, by today or else....

if you only believe in what you can see, measure and prove, are you safe ? 
Am I safe if I only believe in what I can measure, prove and see ? 
Well maybe. 
I might convince myself that I am. 
Anything I cannot put a name on does not exist for me. 
What about things that have no name. ?

"the secret of life is to have no fear" - Nkwame Nkruma

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