Wednesday, March 03, 2010

how people control other people -

A follow on thought on the writings of a previous blog here

People control other people by  somehow getting that nameless horror, that nameless fear attached to their authority. 
They are in effect saying: "disobey me and .........{ nameless horror of fear here }    .... will happen to you. 
It is in effect a variation of the "do as I tell you or the boogey man will get you", which is has been used on many children by their parents. 

Of course as adults, we dress it up a bit more, but in the end all power and force boils down to: "Do this or else.... " The "or else ...." part is more frightening and powerful if it is NOT explained in great detail, if it can latch into that nameless fear cloud (as per previous blog)

From the outside all that one sees is one human being, yielding power over another. The controlling human may be tiny and small and physically no match for the one being controlled. But they have the authority. 

Taking one extreme viewpoint: This kind of control violates the being of the people is controls, it is a force approach.
An authority that controls others through fear like this, has special powers over its subjects.  What they tend to forget is that this kind of control breeds hatred and revolt and rebellion. 

This approach also has  a fatal weakness ( :-) )... can you guess what it is ? 
Answer: The fatal weakness is this: once a person works out how this control through fear works, they see that the control is INSIDE them, and they can remove that control from within themselves and be free of it !
Example: for years I felt fearful and guilty  about a certain issue. Religious authorities had their control claws into me well and truly. 
Then eventually I tossed out that fear. I saw it for what it was: a paper tiger. 

"Ah master, would you say that this is the reason such things are allowed to exist ?"
"What things do you mean Grasshopper ?" 
"Control through fear"
"I don't know why things are allowed to exist or not. But I do see that there is a lesson in this for us."
"You mean the lesson of recognizing how we are being controlled through fear ?" 
"Yes, exactly, it is a realization and consciousness change that releases you from that control through fear. And that to me seems like something that life would want us to learn."

 -------- off cuts and other stuff below ----------
As a small kid, I was totally afraid of my parents. 
Parents were all powerful. 
I suspect that some of that fear lodged as part of the nameless cloud of fear discussed in blog

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