Wednesday, May 05, 2010

courage and weight - "you can do anything you like, as long as you pay the price" really ???

I read the phrase " takes a lot of courage to hold that weight..."

suddenly  I understood: courage is what is required to hold the weight of responsibility in life. I never really saw that before.
Now I understand why the weight of things to deal with, things to do, things to face, things to accept require courage.

I used to believe that weight was a bad thing and a sign of something being wrong.

I wonder can this be expanded further to include this idea:
"Wrong' as such is a GREAT heavy weight. It is a weight that might crush us. Hence not doing 'wrong' is not for some arbitrary reason, but it is another way of saying: if you do this thing it will be so so so heavy on you, that it may crush you. Therefore we call this thing 'wrong' because it is wrong for you, wrong for the other.
hm.... that is a new perspective indeed.

I used to say to myself and others: "you can do anything you like, as long as you pay the price". Now I see that there are things that we can 'do' that we can never pay the price for, they would crush us.  No, they would not physicallly crush us, but spiritually, psychologically...and I guess that will come to a physical end eventually.
What are those things ?  The big ones are obvious.
But it is the subtle ones that matter most.
The things that i can feel intuitively as "this will cost you dearly" - they may not be 'wrong' in the big obvious sense, but they are 'wrong' for me, in the sense that their price, cost, weight would be VERY heavy.
I like this perspective. It brings it home to a meaningful yardstick, instead of some arbitrary bureaucratic rule, thought out by someone behind a desk trying to cover his a*** .


There is another part to this of course: the weight I break off from life to carry is the thing I bring with me as my 'learning' and as my 'contribution' to life. It is what I contribute to the leaning-ness of mankind, and my own knowledge. Knowledge not of the mind but the knowledge of experience and wisdom.
If I never carry any weight I do not bring 'home' anything.

The art is to break off the right amount of weight, not too much, not too little.
Sure, it is possible to break off a HUGE chunck and get buried by it for lifetimes.
Or it is possible to break off tiny tiny nibbles and take forever to fill a meaningful amount of wisdom and learning.
Somewhere there is a middle path. I guess I'm best off if I  carry what I can carry  with a bit of effort in a good backpack. Any more and I slow down too much, any less and I waste my 'trip' i.e. my trip into physical life. ...

I've always thought that since weight in great doses is crushing and 'wrong' then ALL weight is bad.  So in my life I avoided the weight of responsibility.
But the truth is that it is like medicine: a little cures, a lot kills. This is true of most medicines, esp heart medicines used by modern doctors.
It is the quantity that decides if something is a poison or a cure, it is the quantity that decides if something is a learning for wisdom or a rock that crushes....

Since we are all connected, we can break off weights for self, but also for others.

And what if we break off too much weight ? this is bound to happen sooner or later. We are here to learn, how  will we learn if we don't go too far ? or too little ?
We are not alone.
Help is there, but I need to ask... (I tend to forget that part)...

And then there is group learning.... another topic... 

Gitta Malasz in the book "talking with Angels" writes how the angels see weight as a positive thing. It is the raw material that we transform and bring to the table of life .... something like that anyway....
So the art lies in getting the 'amount' right... :-) hm....

hmm.... this is my understanding at THIS time of the mystery of being alive on this planet....

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