Thursday, December 22, 2011

induction - in the magnetic and the spiritual sense

This is about relating to people, but let me go to an example first: 
Induction - in electrical engineering means that the electrical current in one wire, creates a  magnetic field which then  creates another electrical current in the other wire.

The two wires don't have to touch, they can be separated by air and never contact each other.
It looks something like this picture above Image Detail

I'm sitting in the lobby of The ORchid Hotel RGN and a conversation is going on not far away. It does not concern me. It is none of my business.
"Your systems is not working ! wifi worked in the room before, not it isn't. Find me someone to fix it!"
Calm answer
"Where is your IT engineer ? Bring him here !"
"They went home an hour ago."
But the tension in the voices, the power and the force of one person towards the other, creates somehow, by 'induction' a similar feeling in me.
The attitude of damand, or arrogant power creates a rising power in me.
I know that the hotel is not high tech, it is not able to solve such problems. The demands won't ever be met.
"When will they start work tomorrow ?"
I'm sitting nearby, my wifi works perfectly.
It is his problem, on HIS computer.

I'm tempted to offer help, but I don't.
I'm fascinated by the way that his feelings create an answering echo in me. It has nothing to do with me at all NOTHING but still I'm affected.
very interesting....

We are indeed all ONE, all connected.

Electrical induction details here

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