Monday, December 12, 2011

energy spent on fear

World spending on 'defence' is huge.
The money spent on defence could be used to create a world so nice that military conflict would be as unlikely as peace is now.

The money spent on defence could be used...for..... all kinds of wonderful things.

I've heard this argument many many many...... many times.... and I got more and more frustrated by it, wondering what to do.

I've worked it out: let go of my own fear.
Fear is what fuels military spending.....
The fear of each individual person....society and what we see out there is a mirror of what is IN each of us collectively.....

I wonder, is the percentage of energy I spend in fear about the same as the percentage world wide spending on military "defence" ?

Let's assume it is: Let's assume I spend the same huge amounts of energy on 'defence' and 'security'. Imagine what I can achieve in my life when I use that energy for positive productive activities ?

It is no longer a matter of .... let's reduce military spending and make the world a better place... that is good, and nice to do... but it is more of a kind of symptom.
Let go of my fear, and use the energy freed up for positive ?

How will i know I've reduced fear and freed up energy ?
- feel positive,
- have more energy
- changed outlook

Military spending - Just for information:

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