Thursday, April 28, 2011

inspire me inspire me - I need another fix

inspire me oh ye gurus of the past, 
lift up my soul,
make me feel better, 

Let me climb on your shoulders and pretend...
to enjoy the  view from your lofty heights.

When all is said and done.... 
your inspiration is just another fix.... 
a shot in my pin pricked arm... 


your inspiration another item on a long list of  "should do this and should dooo that.... " 
Like the morning after
it makes the way seem longer
and the road much harder.... 

why not be honest and tell me, 
it's hard, 
damn hard, 
blood sweat and tears you  require, 
to reach the heights you aspire. 
No shortcuts there are, 
no bus or fast car,
just face it buster
and your courage do muster.... 

But no, you give me dreams instead,
You goad me with hopes, and you  turn my head, 
with promise of insight 
and nirvanas in the night 
-  just around the next corner you say
Just a round the corner you pray

Just around the next corner,
or perhaps the last one you have just accomplished,
is the treasure you have been seeking all of your lives.
You do not have to begin a lengthy and far-reaching search,
for the treasure resides exactly where you are,
in the Divine aspects of your true Self
in this very moment of eternity.

So please, dear ones, put down your shovels and spades
and call off the back hoe of extreme and desperate effort.
All you will ever need is with you now. All that you have
ever sought awaits you in your own true hearts. - by Emmanuel
it can't be that simple,
It can't be that nice, 
there must be some tricks
and cracks in the ice.

I'll just keep on digging, 
with shovel and spade.... 
bring in the dozers, 
and excavate the hate.... 

with luck I might find 
that I've reached the core, 
only to find myself standing 
on another lost shore, 

and like the rabbit 
that races the tortoise 
my efforts in  vain, 
because really, 
it's all a totally different game.
The journey is no more
than a breath in time,
no more than a heartbeat
in distance.
Come home to your Selves. - by "Emmanuel"

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