Saturday, September 04, 2010

.. the one foot after the other experiment..... OR too much planning kills joy

what if I was sure that I would achieve all my day's work
but that I didn't have to stress about it ? 
I will achieve everything I need to do during the day, as long as I simply do the thing that is next in line.
As long as I take the next step and it IS the next step (not avoidance or running away). 
Sure, plan things but let the plan stay lose and flexible.........

A lot of my energy is wasted in trying to adhere to some plan of how things SHOULD go during my day.
When it does not, I stress.
"damn...that person is not on the phone, I can't get the proofs done now, it will have to wait till Monday....but i want it NOW !!! arraggahhhhhhhhh.........."
Does it really matter that much ?
When I think about it: No. 

It is really the little boy inside me throwing a tantrum because things didn't go his way,
Perhaps a sign that it's time to take care of that little one ? (NB: take care not spoil, not distract, not belittle...)

So now, today I'm going to let things flow... I won't stress about "will I get everything done?" I will simply go step by step and enjoy each step, not rushing in a mad hurry in case I don't get the list of things I "have to do" done..... lets see how I go by the end of the day.

- Just got an email asking me to do something - how do I react ? 
  do I trust life ?
  do I react positively or negatively ?
  I trust that the time will be there and I will do it when it is the next 'right step' ....

- will I go into the day like a bulldozer with an iron will determined to achive ABC....XYZ in exactly THAT order? I might succeed, but how will I feel at the end ? (written 11:00 hours in Melbourne).

How did the experiment go? 
21:00 hours same day: in the afternoon unexpectedly a friend 'M' called, reminded me about wanting to swap podcast files, met up  with other old mates. Suddenly an opportunity opened up for 'M' to deliver Chi-plates for me to BKK  the next day and I have to get them ready tonight, drive 230KM round trip to drop some stuff off, come back to Melbourne, drive friend 'M' to the airport the next day etc...
        - none of this was planned like that that - I had wondered how to get the Chi-plates delivered.  I'm going to be super busy but it worked out :-) ... now to make the final set of  Chi-plates  and then drive 115+115Km drop a car load of stuff and get back by 11am tomorrow morning .... he he he ....

So......... on with the experiment for this day... the one foot after the other experiment.....

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