Sunday, September 05, 2010

love seems weak and namby pamby, but it is stronger than anything in the Universe- how is that ?

All the particles of the world
Are in love and looking for lovers.
Pieces of straw tremble
In the presence of amber.

A friend just sent me this poem.
Macao Lighthouse 2010 - "Leal Senado"

it made me think about 'love' or "lerve"  as we say (cynically) in Oz.

I have heard that one of the greatest errors in thinking is the idea that power, violence, fear, anger and force are stronger than love.
They are not.
But I think they are.
I often think of love as weak, puny, being taken advantage of, stupid, silly, too nice...naive, being a sucker...
but that is not the love that holds the Universe together.(or is it ?  :-)

The Universe is not held together by fear and force and threats and violence.
(Well ok, parts of the human Universe might look like that is the case, but that is Human doing)

So what is this "love" that holds the Universe together ?
The love that does not yell and scream and force me, the love that gives me freedom and choice ? - (also allows me to be unloving)

As I live my life, I bump into REALITY, the love, the reality of existence. That reality is .... well how to say it ? - it is: 'real'!
It has a shape, it is hard, and it is soft.

It does not yell and scream and threaten me, but it is real.
I choose, I live, and somehow life touches me, the reality of it hits me... what is it that hits me ?
I reap as I sow, that is one reality. It is not something I can bribe or manipulate... that is IT. That IS the reality of life... one aspect...there are many many more... and in the core of it: it is love.

It is not violence, it is not anger... it is..something else...

I suspect: it may be part of the core of myself.... the part that is more than my conscious mind. ...
The part that cannot be understood by mind alone, the part that has to be felt.
That has to be experienced.

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