Sunday, September 05, 2010

Manipulating the Universe ?

I'm asking myself: Heiko, why use clever tricks, or repetitive spiritual practices to cajole and try to manipulate life ?
Would I relate this way to a lover ? to a friend ? to another human ? I can if I want to and I will get an appropriate response i.e. at the level of manipulation.

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Why don't I try an experiment ? Relate to life as I would to another human being ? - as I would to a wiser, loving human being ? (hm... Ok .... I have trouble with the idea of 'wiser and more loving' so I'll keep it simple for the moment and relate as to life as as a lover, as a friend)
I won't use clever methods and tricks.
No self flagellation, no beating up of self.
No grovelling.
No intimidation or tantrums (well some will slip through I guess)
No stupid bargaining ... (you know what I mean, no glass beads, no silly crap.). 

In my experiment the core of the Universe is alive and living and hears and feels and knows (more than I can, but I'll stick with it at a level I can relate to for the moment)

So, why not just talk to life ? Only my belief limited me. 
Now I believe, truly believe, that life hears. No I don't hear voices, but life responds in her/his own way...
I guess this is what people have called 'prayer' - but I'm not going to  repeat mantras, I'm talking, as I would to a friend.  talking includes intending... includes directing thoughts and questions....

There are other ways to relate to life, and each way is fine withing itself. 
It is little like science: 
Science can be used to 
1) look at the natural world to get stuff done, make things work (by Engineers like myself), 
2) to enjoy the mystery of if all. 

In the first way: we to look at the Universe as a kind of sophisticated machine.We dive in, work out this and that and come up with machines to save effort, computers, world communications, drugs, flying devices called airplanes, pesticides, fertilizers, guns, hospitals, anaesthetics... etc....
But we are looking with the intend of 'using' it for our purpose. To achieve something, to make better medicine, better computers for more money, better guns to better intimidate, better hospitals to rehabilitate etc....
This first way is a valid way to look at the Universe, it gets results.
It works in its own band of reality.

But in the second way we go to a deeper level.
We look at the Universe as a person.
Some people do this already , RA goes in this direction. But he still talks about the 'core being simple' or the 'core being lazy'
I want to suggest going even further.

The core IS ME.
The core is who I AM.
At the deepest levels I cannot sit and decide my goals, my goals have decided and created me. 
I am here, thinking about them because they called me forth.
From the meeting of an egg and sperm I came out of ... where ? the Bardo ? the non physical realities... to be here, physically alive... and I will return when my trip has achieved its purpose... .
Part of that purpose is for me to figure out CONSCIOUSLY what my conscious purpose is.
The purpose is already there, consciously working it out is my task. 

Yet the deeper truth is: life is not ONLY something to be manipulated, to be figured out, to be dived into in a scientific way to find the method of achieving ...wealth, business, love, etc....(sure do all that... but don't forget the other side)
Life is a living being. The closest we can come to it is: other human beings and animals.
To relate to life in a way that is mechanical, or to figure out things in a way that is impersonal tunes into those impersonal aspects of life.

And yes, of course, those who say to be realistic, are right too. 
I need to be true to the mechanical laws of physics to the realities of the world... 


All the particles of the world
Are in love and looking for lovers.
Pieces of straw tremble
In the presence of amber.


Results of the experiment: 
- the way I treat myself is the way I treat the Universe, is the way I treat others... its all one thing...

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