Tuesday, July 28, 2009

receive - give - who is who ?

When you move closer to the source there is a moment that is difficult to describe in any language
The receiver becomes the the giver, and the giver and the receptacle becomes the source..... and then the dance of eternity really begins. - from  Emmanuel's book.

When you say from the heart,
"I choose to know God's will"
then that is the fundamental use of free will.
It is only with freedom of choice
that this can take place.
In the act of surrender there can be no forcing.

Willing a release makes the release tighter, because it does not yield to will.
It yields to yielding.
Surrender to your own reality
your own integrity.
All of these things can neither be taken away from you
nor fulfilled by anyone else but you.
As the surrender deepens the autonomy stands in bold relief.

By the act of surrender
you realize the absolute control
you have over your life.
Surrender is a choice -
an absolute, personal choice.

- from  Emmanuel's book.

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