Saturday, July 25, 2009

From the wordless void to the incarnate words..... - musing

Dad, where was I before I was born ?"
Yes in indeed, where are we before we are born ?

Where are the words I express before I write them ?
Before I say the words, before I write them, they exists in my mind, but not in words.
What are they then before they are written or spoken ? 

To me the feel like an urge, like a feeling seeking release.
As I speak, I listen to myself, is this what I meant to say ? Does this really convey the essence of it ? Are my words really expressing what I want to say ?

Thus I compare the words I speak and hear with what ? Not with other words, but with something which is pre-verbal, before words, something like a 'feeling' or 'an urge' of sorts.

It is only in expressing myself thus that I transform the non-verbal, pre-verbal to a verbal form.
The 'word becomes flesh' in a manner of speaking.
The words become incarnate.

"So my dear, before you were born, you were in the same place that words are before they are spoken."

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