Wednesday, May 18, 2016

when fear strikes -- it speaks with forked tongue

when I'm afraid of something, I think it's the thing I'm afraid of, which is the problem. 

But it's not. 

Fear, itself, the feeling of fear is the problem, not the person, not the situation, not the thing (unless it happens to be a hungry Tiger on the footpath :-)  - That's a different kind of fear... ) 

Fear says: "hey this person, Hey this new idea, they are the problem ! 
Fight them, and you will be free of fear! 
Is it a deal ?" 

And if I fight in order to be free of fear, am I not really just fighting to feel different? fighting for myself ?
I don't even 'see' the person, the idea, I'm afraid of, I'm just fighting to 'feel better'. 

I haven't left myself, no matter what beautiful reasons I tell others to justify my fight. 

Fear is a liar.
One I too often believe.....

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