Friday, September 18, 2015

The DiHydrogen Monoxide inspection

"Are your qualified and certified to handle DiHydrogen Monoxide Madam ?"

"I am, I did the course 3 years ago."

"And you completed a refresher course within the last 12 months ?"

"I did, here is the update stamp, and the receipt to the 'safe handling of DiHydrogen Monoxide Association' ".

The fat balding official made notes on his tablet computer, updated the master database and looked around the living room.

"Have all the members of your family familiar been briefed about HiHydrogen Monoxide safety procedures ?"

"I'm not sure what procedures you mean ?" Maria looked worried.

"Safe limits for ingestion, handling of hot DiHydrogen Monoxide, small children and DiHydrogne Monoxide Overdose ?"

"Oh yes, they all been told, and they very good at it. We have put them into the DiHydrogen Monoxide survival course and they love it."

The official looked around the flat briefly, and took his leave.


More information about DiHydrogen Monoxide here at DHMO
an organization dedicated to the regulation of DiHydrogen Monoxide.

Wikipedia DHMO information

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