Saturday, November 05, 2011

humility.... meeting her

I am losing interest in the 'getting there' thing,
Today, in Bangkok I met a lady at the temple near here (
at Wat Boworn), she was  just sitting, looking troubled.
we talked, very humorously, 

5 Nov 11 Wat Boworn BKK

had breakfast,
she spoke good English,
there was a kind of innocence and beauty about her, 
but seemed to spend her time wandering the area, sewing things, 
haunted by something ? !,....

After we parted, I felt strange, like I'd met a holy person,
someone totally different,
troubled, in pain, yes. all those things.
but there was an indefinable something about her, that shone through her.
And I wondered: who knows  or considers such people ? They are 'weak', 'losers' in the language of the competitive, pushers, and shovers and achievers.... 

And I heard again the distant echo....of a voice that said..... the meet shall inherit the earth ....
What is the point of power if not to help protect those without it ?
What is the point of a knight of honour if not to look after those who need it ? 

what is the point of money if not to use it for the common good ?

and then another thought:
who is more lost ?
The competitive, pushers, and shovers and achievers....
the one on the street, with only a bag to hold all her things ? 

5Nov11 Bangkok

12Nov11: we met again by chance later. I realize: the teacher of humility does not have to know consciously what she is, and what she is teaching...
We are all teaching things to people all the time, ... most of it not consciously, and much of it depends on the student and how they take things....

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