Friday, May 06, 2011

only one thing I fear

only one thing I fear, 

--- that was all I was going to write. But I can't stop without a fight ---- 
--- So here is more, - some elaboration on what went before ---

Truth that I like - I don't fear,
Truth about others - I hold very dear,

Truth about self,
I put on the shelf

I don't want to know
I would rather go,

Many places, far and wide, 
seeking a refuge in which to hide.

Weakness and shame,
are just part of the game, 
Of avoiding the light, 
of doing what's right.

helpful and kind
like bastard and blind, 
also can be, 
a way not to see, 
The truth within me.

Is truth just for he lucky and the strong ? 
No, in that you are wrong. 

Pure willpower and force 
the truth to face,  
Useful allies may be,
but not sufficient you'll see.

all that's required
is Grace to call.
"in darkness I'm mired,
please aideth ...." 

The humble and kind
not the strong of mind, 
The humble and kind
the kingdom will find

HeRR, Saigon 6May2011

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