Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The continental - Saigon.

It's evening twilight. I just got back from work on the back of a motorcycle taxi. 
I'm in the Continental hotel, in a room in the first floor overlooking the inner courtyard.
 Low key piano music whafts in through my window. A man sings songs of missing his lady into a microphone. Tonight's wedding reception is about to start.
Frangipani trees in the courtyard reach right up to my balcony.
Heiko sits by his laptop writing emails.

There is a feeling of safety being the middle of an old building like this. The ceilings are high and the furniture old, solid wood. I've lit a candle. Saxophone music snakes its way around the place.
It feels like being safely tucked away into bed. A new life and a new place, a new city. 

Graham Greene wrote "the Quiet American" here. Wars, changes of regime, tanks, revolutions, all swept through this place.

For a moment I feel I'm in the 1940's in a distant time, when life and culture was so different. What changes this hotel must have seen since 1880.
And now little Heiko sits here, for a few days, one of the thousands of people to pass through this room. Heiko thinks his problems are so so so important, but in 5 years, who cares ? Not even Heiko will care then...
Life is strange...
- "Pantha Rei"(everything flows) life will change drastically and this moment pass into memory. So enjoy every moment....

...and it might seem decadent in a time of floods and crisis in Australia, for me to sit her in such a place in Saigon and enjoy it like this.

best wishes from Saigon.

'dance me to the children who are asking to be born....'  - Leonard Cohen 

Sometimes the threads on the loom suggest the picture to come.

Then we know that our children-to-be Hope for us in the Bardo.

For them we weave until our arms grow tired.
                -- The years of Rice and Salt - by Kim Stanley Robinson

...from this broken hill I will sing to you...if it be your will - L.Cohen.

"finally making it and getting there" - Alan Watts

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