Monday, November 16, 2009

dream of motorcycle tour

Driving to the western burbs as Hoppers Xing today I was keeping up with 2 tattoed chopper bikies on the princes Highway. Grunty heavy machines. I have a licence for them but never touched one.
The idiosyncracy of it all hit me... what if at age 60  Dr Rudolph living in  Asia, were to don a scarf round the head and grab a bike, ask his Lady to go cruising for a year.... the Lady discovers her gypsy feet and so they work their way round the globe a few times... global vagabonds... just a day dream, but fun ...  hey  pure fantasy

a lovely fantasy nonetheless. we all dream of being a rockstar one way
or anotherr, don't we?

don't tempt me.... I might just do it...
in fact I think it will happen in a totally unexpected way

you never know what surprises life has in store for you

that's what I likfe about life... the surprises...
at my age, I can afford to relax... I've had a good innings, and whatever else comes up will be part of the adventure

'i've had a good innings' is a matter of perspective. You've got a
good healthy view on life.

I've flung myself against the limits often enough to get bruised and so I tell myself:

there is always ALWAYS MORE you can do  or  could've done.
there is always LESS you could have done...

yeah, it's a funny little thing that one. i could've done better,
could've done worse. here i am now.

does  the AMOUNT stuff I achieve make  the difference ?
Well yes and no. But pure quantity does not in itself make the difference....
Then what does ?

excellent question.

I don't know.

an excellent answer. my opinion is, everything does, and nothing
does. personal purpose is arbitrary in the greater scheme of things,
but it makes you feel better, so go ahead and have it.

but for now I'm content to be floating along like a good little vegemite and be sustained by whatever sustains life, the Universe and everything and what is more:
I don't care about HOW it works.
It does,
i'm here.

one day I won't be here,
and that will be a trip to a totally different world,
a world that I suspect i will recognize and go
"ah... NOW i'm awake again !
Wow that was some dream !"

In my better moments I actually get excited about the thought of leaving this existence (at age 90+ still walking & travelling  :-) I hope)
like a kid going on an awesome trip...

uhuh :) enjoy it all!

but for now: ... Life is a dream and it's dreaming us"

'dance me to the children who are asking to be born....'  - Leonard Cohen

The trees that whisper in the evening,
Sing a song of sorrow and grieving,
Carried away by a moonlight shadow,

I stay, I pray  - See you in heaven far away.    Mike Oldfield
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