Monday, March 30, 2009

mind chattter

In my semi random browsing I came across some ideas of mind: Audrey Newmont writes:
At the age of 37, neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor suffered a stroke that damaged the left side of her brain. As she lost the linear, verbal thinking of the left hemisphere to the wordless sense-perception of her right brain, Taylor experienced something she later called Nirvana. "I felt enormous and expansive," she explained to the audience at a recent conference (you can see her talk online at "My spirit soared free like a great whale gliding through the sea of silent euphoria."

Seems to me, - on the odd occasion when I sit down and truly relax - that we as a race are learning how to use this new tool, called 'brain'.

We've become totally enamoured of the joy of the mind, and like any child that has found a new toy we overdo it.

Like a toddler learning to walk, we use our minds and brains, and the power of mind is truly awesome. I'm a mind person, I love mind stuff. But ... but ... sometimes I wonder.
There are limits to mind, which are not understood by mind itself. When fully INTO mind, there seem to be NO limits...
but then the odd signal and hint of other realities breaks through my mind chatter and I see realize there is a lot more out there... which is kind of scary, awesome, exciting....

I find that using my eyes, to have a soft focus, (as taught in Chi Gong, and other disciplines ) really helps.

summary of Jill Bolte Taylor's experience on Wikipedia here
Thoughts on mind chatter here.

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